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Improving productivity with Microsoft Teams

We're using Microsoft Teams, a new message-based tool in Office 365, to improve our processes and enhance customer service.

All businesses strive for an efficient flow of information. Microsoft Teams is a conversation-based workspace in Office 365 that helps users collaborate more easily, share resources and get more done. It lets users chat, drop notes, comment on projects and files, as well as share and collaborate on files more easily.

As with other conversation systems, the key principle is to replace a reliance on email and allow users to quickly and easily see all relevant messages and information connected to project.

"Email was never designed to process the quantity of internal information flowing around a business and it's easy to drown in a sea of emails, with out-of-date attachments flying back and forth or being worked on in private by different users at the same time," explains Chris Joberns, Strident's managing director.

"Microsoft Teams is designed to be a better solution that enables users to see the latest information at a glance and easily follow the history of a project. This ensures everyone is working on the most up-to-date information."

The Teams platform is integrated with Office 365 (you'll need an Office 365 account to access it), instantly giving it a familiar look and feel that is intuitive to use. There are dedicated apps for desktop, tablet and smartphone that allows users to access the system in a convenient format at any time.

To find out more about Microsoft Teams and how we're using it, download our White Paper.