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Easy online back up for documents

Back up your documents and spreadsheets quickly, easily and securely to the cloud.

Everyone knows backing up your company data is essential and creating a secure, offsite backup is even better. However, it can be a time-consuming process to install and configure backup software and the job gets put off.

Backup Documents is a new service from Strident that can be easy installed and configured remotely without any user intervention making it simple to roll out across your organisation. Backup Documents provides business owners with the peace of mind that users documents, such as Word and PDF, spreadsheets and presentations are regularly backed up.

"All Strident customers have our sophisticated remote Support Agent installed on their computers that allows us to solve many issues remotely for fast customer support," explains Chris Joberns, Strident managing director. "Using the same system, we can set up Backup Documents without disturbing the user."

Backup Documents will automatically back up your documents twice per day and hold up to 56 previous versions of a document on a rolling 28-day period. All backups are securely held in the cloud allowing data to be restored to a new location or device, great if disaster strikes and protects against document loss from hardware failures, accidental deletions, or even ransomware.

Backing up online is a reliable way to secure your data off-site without worrying about manual intervention and all the issues that can bring. Backup Documents costs just £3.50 per user per month.

If you'd like to speak to Strident about secure online backup, then call Chris Joberns on 01473 835 280.