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GDPR Data Security Briefing on 15th November

Join us on 15th November at Trinity Park to find our more about GDPR. General Data Protection Regulation comes into force in May 2018 and these are the 9 critical issues your IT support company must address.

General Data Protection Regulation comes into force in May 2018. Its scope is wide and will affect businesses of all sizes with big fines for non-compliance. Ensuring your customer data is safe and secure is critical and excellent IT security is essential.

1. Data exposure - Can a virus damage or steal customer information? 

2. Data location - Where is your cloud data being stored? 

3. Secure backups - Can non-authorised people access your backups? 

4. Data encryption - Have you encrypted all data leaving the premises? 

5. Password management - Who's sharing easily guessed passwords? 

6. Device management - What data is being stored on mobile devices? 

7. Security awareness - Do colleagues understand email and USB drive security issues? 

8. Network segregation - Who is accessing your wireless network? 

9. Security updates - How quickly are critical software updates being applied?

These are good business practice but are you doing them? If not, you'll need to act fast!

Join us on 15th November. Please click here to apply via Eventbrite.

Knowledgeable experts with practical answers

Strident Technology, one of the region's leading IT support providers, and its partners will provide help and guidance on the IT aspects of GDPR. 

Presentations from industry experts; 

Becky Moran, ReMo - ISO and GDPR compliance and implementation guru Becky will briefly introduce GDPR then identify the specific areas you need to address through IT.

Darren Davies, ESET - Supporting businesses in more than 200 countries, ESET is a renowned data security company. Darren will demonstrate the very latest tools and techniques. 

Chris Joberns, Strident - Chris will conclude by explaining the Strident 6S model and how the Security element can help your GDPR project.

8am to 10am, 15th November, Trinity Park, Ipswich

A breakfast briefing hosted at the popular Trinity Park.Refreshments provides, including bacon butties available from 07.30.

Presentations run between 08.00 and 09.00 allowing plenty of time for questions and networking and the event ends at 10.00. 

Places are FREE but strictly limited. Please click here to apply via Eventbrite.