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Making the switch

Not happy with your current IT supplier? Strident takes the stress out of changing.

Back in 2013, it was revealed that you were more likely to get divorced than change banks. Even if customers were unhappy with the service, the hassle of changing direct debits and informing all your utility companies of the change was enough to stop anyone moving.

Changing IT suppliers is seen in much the same way. Your current IT supplier knows your setup, your passwords and where your data is stored and even though they're not doing a very good job of keeping you secure and productive, moving is a seen as a huge upheaval with the potential to be left stranded.

At Strident, we recognise these concerns and have developed our Switch guarantee to free small businesses from poor IT support. Like the bank's ‘seven-day switching' process, our proven process helps businesses move to Strident without any hassle.

How does Strident Switch work?

To start with you'll be given a dedicated transfer manager, an experienced engineer who'll act as your single point of contact. They will perform a full site audit, investigating, labelling and even photographing every piece of equipment a part of a detailed Switch report.

You will be kept informed at every stage of the process and the Switch report forms the basis of our support moving forward. We can make any immediate recommendations to make you more secure or productive.

Am I ever left unsupported?

No, we liaise with your current supplier on your behalf and we recommend that you run our service and theirs in parallel for one month, giving them no excuse to be uncooperative. During this time, we obtain a comprehensive list of your passwords and the integrity and security of your data and systems.

As a final stage to the Switch, we install our Advanced Monitoring Agent, specialist software that monitors your systems so we can proactively respond to any issues and ensure security patches are implemented. We can resolve problems before you even know there is one, allowing you to get on with running your business.

What if I change my mind?

Our Switch guarantee gives you the reassurance to change in a managed, risk-free way. If you're not delighted with our service after three months, we'll give you your money back and reset your system to the way we found it for free.

At Strident, we pride ourselves on exemplary support and customer service to help your business move forward with confidence and our Switch guarantee is the hassle-free way to get your business Sorted.

Photo by Arnold Exconde on Unsplash