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Two-factor Authentication

Two-factor Authentication, or 2FA, is an easy way to added greater security when accessing your company VPN and other services.

Weak, shared or compromised passwords can allow unauthorised access to sensitive company information where serious damage can be done. Two-factor authentication prevents access even if a user's username and password is stolen or revealed and will help with compliance to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Two-factor Authentication, or 2FA, is a security system that is growing in popularity. As its name suggests, 2FA uses two forms of security to confirm that it's really you that is logging in to your desktop, company VPN or web-based application.

The first factor is your password that you'd usually type in with your username. The second factor is a one-time code generated on a device only you have access to, such as a phone or tablet. Each time you log in you are prompted for a new code which is time-sensitive.

Even if your email and password are known by an unauthorised person, they would need access to your device at the same time to be able to log in. This provides excellent security against weak and shared passwords as well as traditional forms of hacking.

ESET Secure Authentication makes security simpler

While looking up a code on a text message or app is fine, security industry leader ESET goes one stage further with apps for iOS and Android that enable you to provide secondary authentication with a single tap.

Push-authentication sends a message to the ESET app on your phone, tablet or even smartwatch when log in on your computer. Simply confirm the log in attempt by tap in the accept button on the ESET Secure Authentication app and your log in will complete.

Add security quickly

Strident installs ESET Secure Authentication to integrate with Windows Active Directory, which Strident uses on all its customers' IT systems. This allows two-factor authentication to be easily added and managed alongside the existing username and password management.

The apps for iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows phone are available for free from the Apple App Store, Google Play, Windows and Blackberry Phone Apps store allowing user to use their own devices at no extra cost.

We have added ESET Secure Authentication to our own IT systems with great success! If you'd like to discuss the benefits of Two-factor Authentication, don't hesitate to call.