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Microsoft Cloud Silver Partner

Microsoft Cloud is a leading suite of cloud-based business applications and Strident is fully qualified to help you make the most of it.

Strident is now a Microsoft Cloud Silver Partner having completed the strict professional examinations and practical experience required by Microsoft. This important specialist accreditation is in addition to Strident's coveted Microsoft Gold Certified Partner status, the highest level of technical support.

"As a Microsoft Cloud Silver Partner, we have skills to helps businesses in Suffolk and Essex make the most of Azure and Office 365. Cloud-based services offer huge benefits in terms of flexibility, scalability and resilience for businesses and we are continuously training and updating our knowledge," said Chris Joberns, Managing Director.

Microsoft was officially the first global cloud provider to offer a complete and trusted cloud solution in the UK. Microsoft Azure offers a broad set of cloud services that effectively allow you to put your server in the cloud. If you can run it on your office Windows server, you can run it on Microsoft Azure including web applications, database applications, data storage and Virtual Machines. You can simply choose just the bits that you need and only pay for services that you use.

Businesses using Office 365 already have a head start when using Azure. For businesses running Active Directory, Azure allows you to extend the active directory infrastructure and provide users with a single sign-on to thousands of third-party commercial SaaS applications. The ability to integrate Azure with Office 365 provides businesses with huge flexibility and allows them to migrate system at a pace that suits them.

If you'd like to discuss the benefits of moving your business to the cloud, don't hesitate to call.