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Keep your data close in Microsoft's UK data centres

Want to keep your data in the UK? Microsoft now offers its full suite of cloud applications at UK data centres.

Many customers are becoming aware that although they may be signed up to a cloud service with a UK address or a 'uk' domain name, their data could actually be held in servers around the world. For many, this may not be a concern but for others changing global political landscapes may inadvertently place your data under the control of foreign governments and their agencies.

Microsoft now offers its full suite of cloud applications at UK data centres. "Some businesses may simply be required to hold their data in the UK to meet compliancy regulations or that it could be that it provides reassurance to customers and offers differentiation from competitors," suggests Chris Joberns, Strident managing director.

Microsoft Cloud has security built-in

Launched in September 2016, Microsoft was the first global cloud provider to offer a complete and trusted cloud solution from data centres in the UK. This includes the Azure platform which allows you to run all your server processes in the cloud and Microsoft's renowned Office 365 suite of business applications. This means UK businesses can be confident that their email, Office documents and server applications are all held at UK data centres.

Built on the same proven security technology as its other data centres around the world, Microsoft, like other cloud providers, are seeing growing demand for 'data residency' (where your data resides) to be in specific locations.

You're in good company but watch the cost

Among Microsoft's customers using UK data centres is the Ministry of Defence and The Metropolitan Police.

However, pricing around the world is not consistent explains Chris. "We are able to move business data to any Microsoft data centre around the world but the prices businesses pay can vary significantly with US data centres offering lower prices. We work with each business to develop a strategy based on their priorities."

If you would like to find out more about the benefits of moving your business to the cloud, then please contact Chris Joberns on 01473 835280.