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Small businesses benefit from Microsoft Cloud

You don't have to be a big enterprise to see the short and long-term benefits of moving to the cloud.

Microsoft Cloud offers a wide range of services for businesses, enabling better collaboration and greater security. Azure, for example, is your server in the cloud, which allows you to share documents and access data exactly the way you would in the office but with the flexibility to do it anywhere and on a wide range of devices.

It's easy to think that only big businesses with big teams benefit from moving to the cloud. However, smaller businesses could save time and money as well as improve cashflow.

Reduce your costs and eliminate big bills

Microsoft cloud-based services are provided on a monthly subscription basis which enables businesses to only purchase the services they need. This eliminates large up-front costs and allows services to be quickly scaled up and down to meet the needs of the business. Compete with bigger businessesIn addition to cost savings, many small businesses can punch above their weight thanks to cloud technology. For small businesses, having one or two people out of the office can seriously affect productivity and efficiency. With all your data at your fingertips across your phone, tablet and laptop you can continue stay up to date, solve problems and take advantage of opportunities even if you're stuck in an airport lounge or at home.

Everyone's on the same page

Sharing information between colleagues is easier in the cloud. Using secure, shared folders allows all team members to be confident that they are working on the latest information without chasing colleagues or bouncing attachments via email. Software updates and features can be quickly rolled out to your whole team to keep your business safe and secure.

Better security for your business

With your data in the cloud, it is constantly backed-up and stored off-site. This offers good protection if devices are lost or breakdown and prevents users from holding data on laptops and tablets in an insecure format. In the case of a disaster, your business can be up and running much faster.

With so many benefits, moving to the cloud should be a business goal for all small businesses. Strident has moved more than 1600 users to Microsoft Cloud services and can help your business with our proven transition processes. Call Chris Joberns today on 01473 835 280 for friendly chat on how to get started.