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Veeam Backup for Office 365 email

Email is used as an archive of business information, actions and agreements. Keeping it safely backed up is essential and may even be legal requirement.

Not only has email become the main communication tool for businesses but many business users use their email as an archive of key facts, business information and a history of actions and agreements. With email holding such vital information, keeping it safely backed up is essential and may even be legal requirement.

Microsoft provides excellent reliability for current email. However, if a user were to accidentally or maliciously delete their emails they would disappear forever once the 'trash' folder is emptied manually or automatically after 30 days.

Keep your data for yourself

Veeam Backup for Office 365 email is offered by Strident to allow you to recover email even if it's been permanently deleted. You may need to securely backup Office 365 email data to facilitate eDiscovery, to meet internal policies and compliance requirements but most likely you want the peace-of-mind that you can restore your data if problems occur!

Veeam Backup will store all your Office 365 email, contacts and calendars securely either locally on your network, in a cloud location or on Strident's secure servers. The retrieval process is simple and secure and using our servers will allow us to restore large amounts of data quickly if required.

Installed by fully qualified engineers

Our engineers are fully qualified to set up Backup for Office 365, having completed the stringent technical exams required to be a Veeam partner. You can be confident that your critical backups are being carried out properly. Don't wait until disaster strike to discover your email is lost!

To find out more about Veeam Backup for Office 365, contact Chris Joberns on 01473 835280.