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Trade Counter Distribution - Leased Line

Posted on: 19 Oct 15

Trade Counter Distribution is a successful distribution and logistics service. Focusing on the delivery of books and giftware worldwide on behalf of its clients, the company operates from purpose-built 150,000 sq ft handling facilities based in Suffolk. The business has invested heavily in its order processing, invoicing and credit control services to provide trouble-free processing from order receipt to despatch. It has been supported by Strident for more than 10 years.


Trade Counter is a progressive business that has made the move to cloud-based applications. “We run our warehouse and distribution on a sophisticated cloud-based system so reliable and consistent Internet access is essential,” explains Martin Leigh, General Manager at Trade Counter Distribution. Although the business had traditional broadband web access, they found that data speeds were varying considerably throughout the day. “It was OK in the morning, but once America wakes ups we noticed the speed drop off in the afternoon,” adds Martin.


With a number of operators needing simultaneous access to the management system, Trade Counter Distribution spoke with Strident and decided to move to a Leased Line.

A Leased Line is a dedicated connection to the Internet with a no contention, which means the capacity of the line is not shared with other users. The result is a faster, more consistent web access speed, both uploading and downloading. “The consistent speed of the Leased Line has certainly improved the operation of the management software which has benefitted our business,” says Martin.


“Cloud-based applications are becoming more common place with the benefits of easy user management, constant feature updates and simplified billing, not to mention mobility and off-site data security,” says Chris Joberns, Managing Director at Strident.“But reliable data speeds are essential, so moving to Leased Line can provide that security, particularly for businesses operating in rural locations.”

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