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Nannas Day Nursery - SAM and Office 365

Posted on: 23 Sep 15

Nannas Day Nursery runs two sites in Colchester, Essex offering a range of services including full and sessional day care for children from birth to five years. Established in 1997, it has proven track record of delivering high quality affordable childcare with a committed team of childcare professionals.


Central to its operation is the FirstSteps nursery management software, which details child and staff registration and reports as well as invoicing parents. Installed on an ageing server that required frequent restarts, the nursery needed a new, reliable platform that would enable them to develop the business.

The founding owners had worked hard to develop the reputation of the business but when employee Carrie Wiseman bought the business, she committed to updating the then out-dated IT network.


A new Windows-based server now provides the central backbone to the system and enables the FirstSteps software to run reliably. “Moving to a new server has also enabled the Strident support team to install Strident Advanced Management software,” explains Nicola Gunfield, Team Leader for Nannas. “They can quickly access our server remotely and ensure everything is operating correctly. If there is an issue, we are notified and it can usually be resolved without a visit.”

In addition to the server, five new PCs with Microsoft Office 365 completed the network upgrade. “Office 365 provides us with the full Office suite of programs that help us run the nursery as well as email accounts for key staff.”

Strident also installed a new USB drive backup system that allows backups to be taken off site each night.


“Having a reliable server that is carefully monitored provides us with peace of mind. We can concentrate on running the nursery and no longer worrying about the server functioning,” said Nicola.

“The new system includes shared folders that enables both sites to easily access information. Going forward, we are now in a position to look at other applications, such as email marketing, to help the business grow.”

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