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Milsom Hotels and Restaurant Group

Posted on: 26 Apr 13


The Milsom Hotels and Restaurant Group comprises of several restaurants and hotels across Suffolk and Essex including the renowned Le Talbooth restaurant and Maison Talbooth in Dedham Vale near Colchester.

The business was suffering from an aged IT infrastructure with hardware and software that had not been upgraded for a number of years. Frequent complaints from staff members regarding IT performance issues meant that the management team was often diverted from its day to day operational activities in order to deal with them, preventing the business from concentrating on its key goal of looking after its customers.

In addition to the impact on productivity and the inconvenience generated as a result of having to deal with the issues of an aging IT infrastructure, Milsoms were also held back from reaping the benefits that new technology such as Cloud technology offers, for example remote working and enhanced security.

Investment was therefore essential in order for the business to eliminate these issues and to move ahead with business improvement plans. Milsoms instructed Strident to carry out the work based on the result of a competitive tender and the long-standing relationship they had with the company.


Strident were able to offer a flexible, value-for-money solution that would enable Milsoms to get the most out of its investment. They negotiated a price that reflected the work Milsoms was willing to put in themselves – thus keeping the costs down. After consultation with the management team, Strident recommended a complete overhaul of the Group’s computer systems and installed new desktops, a new server and the latest version of Microsoft Office, as well as updating and licensing new software.


It is extremely important for Milsoms management and staff to be able to focus on with their day job of looking after their clients, unhindered by IT issues and the long overdue infrastructure upgrade has made this possible. Internet connectivity has also improved significantly following the installation of the new server which has a much larger capacity than its predecessor which was prone to failure on a regular basis.

Complaints from staff are now almost non-existent – a clear measure of the efficiency of the company’s new system. The management team has also observed clear improvements in the speed and productivity of staff since the upgrade as well as heightened moral. The new up-to-date infrastructure also enabled the business to move forward with future developments such as the introduction of a web booking portal – further improving customer service provision.

“We have worked with Strident for many years – their understanding of our business needs and the way in which we work is a great asset, as is their flexibility and personal approach. The fact that I can phone Strident office and speak directly with a technician is extremely valuable as it ensures that any issues are dealt with swiftly, allowing me to continue with my daily routine, rather than waiting by the phone for somebody to phone me back”

Bridget Stanley, IT Manager, Milsom Hotels & Restaurant Group

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