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Magnus Group - Online Backups

Posted on: 25 Sep 14


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Magnus Group, based near Ipswich, Suffolk, offers a complete logistics solution including distribution, warehousing, global export shipping, customs clearance and UK imports. The business has seen impressive growth since it started in 1973, building on a mix of a caring personal service coupled with top quality professional expertise.


It is widely quoted that 60% of businesses fail following a major loss of data. Magnus Group is a very data-intensive operation and Leon Parker, IT manager, needed to develop a multi-tiered backup strategy to deal with any problems the business may face.


“We now have a three-tier system that provides both on-site and off-site backups. This offers the best mix of convenience and security,” explains Mr Parker. “Day-to-day backups are handled by a acronis backup to a Network Attached Storage drive, which covers users and servers. This allows quick back up and recovery of deleted or corrupted files, for example.

“In addition to the NAS drive, data is regularly backed up to a USB storage device that is taken off site each day. In case of a fire or IT theft from the office, this would allow us to recover our systems quickly.”

If there was a catastrophic data loss, such as computer theft, Mr Parker wanted another level of data redundancy.  Working with Strident, which has provided IT support to Magnus Group for a number of years, an online back up system was also put into place. “The secure online back up system covers our mission-critical data, such as accounts, shipping and customer databases. It is an automatic system that continuously updates with the latest data. It works very well and provides us with a belt and braces solution.”


Chris Joberns, Strident’s Managing Director, adds that “devices such as hard drives and USB drives are susceptible to mechanical failures as well as theft or damage. By creating a structured back up system with an online element too, such as the one as Magnus Group, businesses can be confident that their data is safe.

“By backing up critical data online and using a online email system, such as Office 365, a business can keep going even if disaster strikes.”

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