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Colchester Oyster Fisheries

Posted on: 02 Mar 13


Colchester Oyster Fishery is a long established family run business based in Mersea Island, Colchester. The 40 year old company supplies the highest quality shellfish to retailers and wholesalers across the country and supplies many of London’s top Michelin star restaurants.

IT is crucial to the success of the business, with ordering and stock control all processed through a bespoke software system which Strident developed for the fishery. Expanding on this relationship, Strident performed a complete review of the company’s IT requirements to ensure that the business’ technology infrastructure remained healthy.

The company experienced significant issues, including:

  • Old and inefficient workstations which lacked the capability to handle the demands of new software and increased workloads.

  • Outdated versions of Microsoft Office which prevented staff from opening certain new documents formats, adding significant administration time to everyday tasks.

  • Aging server lacked the latest security features leaving the business exposed to greater risks of intrusion.


Strident opened a dialogue with Colchester Oyster Fishery to best understand where problems existed within their aging IT infrastructure and prioritise the order in which hardware needed upgrading.

Hardware energy costs were also carefully considered during the upgrade process, with Strident recommending the most efficient hardware for their needs. This effort will not only reduce the lifetime running costs of the machines but also reduce their CO2 impact on the environment.

Strident implemented the following:

  • Replaced 50% of the company’s workstations, including laptops and desktops, with new energy efficient machines.

  • Windows 7 and Microsoft Office 2010 licenses were acquired for all workstations.

  • A new server was installed with Windows® Small Business Server 2011


The IT infrastructure upgrade at Colchester Oyster Fishery had an immediate effect on the day-to-day running of the business, with fewer IT support issues meaning increased productivity amongst office staff.

The upgraded hardware provides the business with a faster and more reliable platform to conduct business whilst reducing energy consumption and on-going maintenance costs.

Jo Humm, finance manager at Colchester Oyster Fishery said: “Strident have been absolutely fantastic throughout the process. They have transformed our aging IT infrastructure which was causing daily issues into something that simply works in the background and enables us to get on with running our business.”

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