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Castons case study

Posted on: 10 Oct 13


Castons is a professional consultancy specialising in the property and construction industries across the UK.  The company delivers a range of services across East Anglia, including quantity surveying, cost, project and maintenance management as well as contract legal services.

The Ipswich based firm is heavily reliant on IT, with over 30 members of staff dependent on computers and communication systems to perform their roles. The firm also has numerous mission critical servers installed on-site which enable employees to work remotely from home, send and receive email and store client files. It is therefore critical that IT systems remain robust and any issues are identified and resolved as quickly as possible to ensure the business operates smoothly at all times.

Strident Computer Systems provide a range of IT support services to Castons, assisting them with any technical issues and performing regular maintenance to ensure their systems are fully optimised.


Strident implemented a robust support agreement with Castons which combines a number of services designed to keep the firm’s IT infrastructure running smoothly.

The backbone of Strident’s support service is the telephone support package which provides Castons with access to experienced technicians who are on hand to quickly resolve any problems as and when they arise.

Strident also implemented a sophisticated remote monitoring system which constantly observes Caston’s IT systems around the clock. This enables Strident to pre-empt problems and take action, more often before the client even realises something has gone wrong.

What Strident provides Castons:

  • Proactive telephone support

  • 24/7 remote server monitoring

  • Onsite support for problems which cannot be fixed remotely


Strident’s support package has boosted Castons’ in-house IT support by providing the extra resources to manage issues as and when they arise. Proactive server monitoring has also prevented a severe crash on at least one occasion, providing Strident with forewarning and the opportunity to resolve issues before they bring down mission critical systems.

Speaking of Castons’ relationship with Strident Computer Systems, IT manager Adrian Stephen said: “Strident’s support services have been excellent at helping us keep our IT systems running efficiently. We are most impressed with the proactive nature of their support.”

“We have used Strident for some time now and have found them to be friendly, flexible and very responsive to our needs.”

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