Software Development
We develop cloud-based business and customer-facing solutions ensure your business is responsive.

Software development

Strident has been developing high quality, high value software for nearly twenty years. We now focus almost exclusively on hosted applications on the Microsoft development platform and use agile development methods to ensure user needs are captured accurately and quickly.


Mobile applications and responsive design

Whether you require a dedicated mobile app or are looking for a web-based application that works effectively across desktop, tablet and smartphone, we develop mobile applications that help your business grow. Apps can be created for Android, iPhone and Windows phones while responsive web-based applications are developed to work across all major desktop and mobile platforms.


Vertical market software

Strident understands and manages the often conflicting needs of business communities in vertical markets. Our sophisticated ShowBiz software, which meets the needs of over thirty agricultural shows throughout the UK, was developed in-house and our development team works hard to meet disparate requirements. Our proven experience is invaluable in helping you develop your software.

“Having created ShowBiz in 1995, Strident has continued to develop this valuable system and support us for more than 20 years” - Ian Liddell, Finance Officer for Suffolk Agricultural Association.

Suffolk Show

E-commerce solutions

Strident has nearly twenty years’ experience in managing payment gateways and our ShowBiz software manages millions of pounds every year. Our secure and proven e-commerce solutions can be built into mobile applications and web-based solutions quickly, without compromising on quality, enabling you to grow online revenue streams effectively.